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Achieving the level of food system transformation that is required today means that climate smart agriculture solutions must reach all corners of the globe. As a Public Benefit Corporation, GreenLight Bio strives to provide farmers worldwide, including those in low- and middle-income countries, with solutions tailored to meet their needs, regardless of location or circumstances.

We aim to make RNA products more accessible to low- and middle-income countries and believe that local needs are best addressed when we partner locally from the very beginning of the product research and development process.

In our plant health development process, we are committed to engaging with local agencies, agricultural partners, and academic institutions to create solutions to protect regional crops from relevant pests.

We are establishing a global network of partnerships and workforce development to advance research and manufacturing of effective and selective solutions targeting local pests.

Global partnerships

We actively seek to partner with government, NGOs and companies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to advance equitable access to our solutions.

These partnerships aim to develop skills and capabilities to research, develop, make, and commercialize our agricultural solutions.

Fall armyworm
>$9B in yield loss caused by fall armyworm across the African continent, for which we are developing a solution.
Diamondback moth
We are developing a targeted solution for Diamondback moth, a persistent pest in South Asia and Africa, where there is resistance to current tools

Committed to representation at all levels

We continuously work to improve our representation of gender, race, and ethnicity at all levels, including on our board, and executive levels.

Full-time employees

GreenLight Bio is committed to diversity and improving the representation of women and minorities.

*Figures as of October 1, 2023

44% Female

44% of our full-time employees self-identify as female.*

33% non-Caucasian

33% of our U.S. -based full-time employees identify as a member of a non-Caucasian racial or ethnic group.*

Executive team

50% of the executive team are women and more than a third are members of a racial or ethnic minority group. Women on the executive team at GreenLight are more than double the industry average.*

*Figures as of October 1, 2023

50% Female

50% of GreenLight’s executive team members are female.

30% Non-Caucasian

30% of our executive team identifies as a non-Caucasian racial or ethnic group.*

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our culture is built on care, transparency, employee ownership, and a deep, humble respect for science.

We regularly measure and share with employees information about our gender pay gap and company statistics.

Our employee-run resource group focus on common areas of interest and finding ways to build social connections. Events may touch on topics related to: LGBTQ+ community, women, community service, and equity, diversity & inclusion.