CNBC: The challenges of Covid-19 vaccine production for the masses

CNBC speaks to GreenLight CEO, Andrey Zarur, about the challenge of vaccine production for Covid-19.

vaccine manufacturing cnbc
Credit: Dado Ruvic | Reuters

Andrey Zarur is founder and CEO of GreenLight Biosciences, and spoke to CNBC about vaccine production and how the fact that it requires more than one dose might prove a significant hurdle.

“The MMR jab combines three vaccines in a single dose, precisely because it is much harder to get a patient to visit the healthcare center three times than once…In the USA, multi-dose vaccines for HPV and hepatitis have sometimes had only 40% of people get fully vaccinated.

“There may be supply chain bottlenecks…For instance, the people who supply Pfizer with their nucleotides will also supply Moderna. In addition, if the virus mutates, we may need to develop a new vaccine.”

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