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Developing mRNA vaccines and therapies for human health


Messenger RNA for vaccines and therapies

Messenger RNA’s features make it broadly valuable for human health. It is well known that mRNA is being used to make effective Covid-19 vaccines that have been developed quickly—critical for pandemic response. GreenLight is working on multiple vaccines and therapeutic uses of mRNA.


Vaccines for infectious diseases

Our Covid-19 mRNA vaccine product is in development. We envision a global network of modular manufacturing units that would allow us to commercially produce more than one billion vaccine doses annually, meeting local demand through local production.

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Gene therapies

Many genetic diseases have no permanent cure. For example, current treatments for sickle cell disease focus on managing pain and other effects, such as anemia. These treatment regimens are costly, invasive, and impractical. Our RNA-based gene therapy is capable of delivering a healthy copy of the gene to stem cells.

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Monoclonal antibodies

We are currently working on early stage development of monoclonal antibodies as a modality.

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Why messenger RNA is so powerful

  • Multiple opportunities

    Messenger RNA can be used for both vaccines and therapies.

  • Fast development

    Simple changes to the messenger RNA molecule allow us to make new products quickly.

  • Versatile design

    Simple changes to the messenger RNA molecule allow us to make new products quickly.

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We won’t succeed alone

We work with some of the world’s leading universities, companies, and scientists

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