The Wall Street Journal: RNA Tech Firm GreenLight Biosciences to Go Public in $1.5 Billion SPAC Deal

As reported by the The Wall Street Journal, GreenLight Biosciences is combining with SPAC Environmental Impact Acquistion Corp to go public in a deal that values the RNA-technology firm at about $1.5 billion. An extract from the article is below:

“This is a company we believe will be transformative,” GreenLight Chief Executive Andrey Zarur said in an interview. “These are urgent problems that the human race is facing,” he said.

The company hopes to begin clinical trials for its Covid-19 vaccine in Africa in the first quarter of next year, he said.

GreenLight currently has a test plant and is studying the use of its RNA-based substances targeting varroa mites that harm bee colonies and crop-destroying Colorado potato beetles. It also hopes to launch those in the next few years if they are approved by regulators.

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