Wired: Manufacturing enough Covid-19 vaccine is a logistical nightmare

Wired speaks to GreenLight CEO, Andrey Zarur, about the difficulties in vaccine manufacturing for Covid-19.

vaccine manufacturing
Credit: Mikael Sjoberg / Bloomberg / Getty Images

GreenLight CEO Andrey Zarur tells Wired about the difficulties in vaccine manufacturing:

“[A] 2,000 litre bioreactor might yield 100 times more vaccine than a similar volume of more conventional vaccines, which sometimes have to be grown in chicken eggs….The process [labs] have was really never designed to be an industrial, global scale process… [Vaccine manufacturers may struggle to get their hands on the raw materials, such as nucleotides, that go into the vaccines]…People are working hard to come up with ways to de-bottleneck those supply chains, but the reality is that the long term solution is to have industrial processes developed,”

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