There are seven values that set our expectations for one another, individually and collectively. We take these seriously, and they guide the way GreenLight employees carry out their work, how they treat one another, and how they represent us externally.

  1. We serve.  

We are a humanity-first enterprise, harnessing the power of biology to meet the needs of the human race and the planet we inhabit. Our investors, partners, and staff understand that we will always look to deliver benefits that are long-term and returns that are sustainable. Given the scale of the challenges we face, this is the only path that is both responsible and rewarding.

  1. We have great ambition.  

We look to solve large problems for large numbers of people, including many who are historically underserved. We ask ourselves how to make a greater impact, not how to make our own lives easier. We think not only about today’s children, but about their children.

  1. We commit to science.  

Our goals may come from the heart, but our words and actions are built firmly on science, data, and truth. We relentlessly pursue clear facts and strong solutions, and call out any pretense or bias that stands in their way.

  1. We take a stand. 

Since we work in the spirit of science, we find the courage to challenge conventional thinking. Only by doing this will we arrive at the vital breakthroughs that are needed to safeguard our human future.

  1. We collaborate inclusively.  

We take on humanity-sized issues by looking at them from every angle and bringing together those who can make a difference. We strive to practice radical collaboration built on the principles of inclusion, diversity, and equality, not just because they are right but because they give us the greatest ability to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.

  1. We live in the real world. 

Our work is driven by the practical realities that people face now and tomorrow—in fields, homes, and hospitals. We work shoulder to shoulder with scientists, farmers, and doctors to deliver definitive results that support a healthier, more sustainable future.

  1. We care.  

We care for the planet, for the vast diversity of its current and future inhabitants, and for one another. To us, true care means tangible results, whether that is supporting other GreenLighters to meet personal goals or creating far-reaching access to clean food and the best healthcare.