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GreenLight Bio products in the pipeline

Calantha for effective, precise, and environmentally-friendly Colorado potato beetle

To learn more, visit our product page or read our press release…

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In the pipeline: protecting the honeybee

About 3 million commercial honeybee colonies in the United States contribute to…

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In the pipeline: Botrytis

Botrytis cinerea, which causes grey mold and bunch rot, is an ever-present…

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In the pipeline: Fusarium

Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) is a fungal disease that affects wheat and…

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In the pipeline: Two-spotted spider mite

The two-spotted spider mite has a wide crop host range. The mite…

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In the pipeline: Lepidoptera

There are multiple asynchronous generations of caterpillars and larvae every year in…

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In the pipeline: grapevine powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is the largest driver for pesticide use in viticulture. Caused…

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Our Plant Health pipeline stretches from protecting honeybees to fresh produce and  large-scale crops, a $79 billion crop protection market

VP of Plant Health R&D Ron Flannagan explains how GreenLight Bio has demonstrated that RNA can be a viable solution to control six pests in our pipeline.

Plant and Animal Health AT GREENLIGHT

Rethinking our food supply

Our plant health business aims to leverage the GreenLight platform to empower farmers and the agriculture industry to grow food that is safe for people and the environment.

Nature is not an infinite resource, and we believe that with thoughtful research, development, and commercialization, we can create solutions that protect pollinators, support beneficial insect populations, and maintain soil health and water quality.

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Mark Singleton, GreenLight Bio’s Chief Commercial Officer and GM, Plant Health, reveals how it is his life’s mission to find a way to provide viable choices for farmers and growers to use subtle tools and to bring forward the age of ecological agriculture: managing crop pests with RNA solutions.

Why it’s so powerful

  • Effective

    Trials show that we can develop RNA products that are as effective as traditional options

  • Sustainable

    Our RNA solution targets the destructive organism and aims to leave beneficial insects like ladybugs unharmed

  • Transient

    RNA breaks down quickly in the environment and is undetectable after 4 days


We won’t succeed alone

Help us grow our technology, IP, and people. We are seeking new partners in academia and scientific companies to create a beneficial impact on our planet.

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