In the pipeline: Lepidoptera

There are multiple asynchronous generations of caterpillars and larvae every year in tropical and subtropical regions, and in spite of weekly pesticide sprays, populations are showing resistance to control measures. The estimated cost associated with damage and management for Diamondback moth and fall armyworm is $4 to $5 billion and $13 billion, respectively. 

One of the key challenges to commercializing a product that controls lepidoptera is delivering the active ingredient to where it needs to go. We are evaluating promising delivery technologies that may be a solution to the issue. 

GreenLight Bio’s projects focus on ensuring intact dsRNA is delivered to the site of action and on demonstrating on-plant activity. Using our technology know-how, GreenLight Bio researchers and scientist are teaming up with world-class external collaborators to overcome logistical challenges and deliver a solution to control these agricultural pests. Our approach has shown a 50% increase in Diamondback moth mortality and 90% lower weight in Fall armyworm larvae, compared to naked dsRNA.