Our Plant Health pipeline stretches from protecting honeybees to fresh produce and large-scale crops, a $79 billion crop protection market


Using Nature’s Superpower for sustainable food production  

We must grow more food with the same amount of land even as we honor the global desire and increase technical need to replace chemical pesticides. While these pesticides face increasing consumer opposition and threat of outright bans due to environmental damage, many are losing their effectiveness.

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Our platform creates high-quality, affordable RNA at scale

GreenLight Bio is the first company to make double stranded RNA available at greater than lab scale using a differentiated manufacturing platform. Our expertise and breakthrough technology GreenLight Bio’s bioprocessing engine allows us to quickly and cost-effectively bring RNA products to market.

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We believe in challenging for the better 

We are a team of scientists, managers, communicators, and more who are committed to making cutting-edge technology a reality At GreenLight Bio, we are excited about the work we are doing and its potential to do better for the world.  

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Collaborative Innovation: Empowering Growers through RNA-based Products

We value the power of teamwork, coming together with a shared purpose. Our mission is to craft a wide range of RNA-based products that empower growers to protect and preserve their produce in a safe and sustainable way. To achieve this, we actively collaborate with esteemed academic research institutions and strategic corporate partners who share our vision. Together, we strive to bring these innovative products to the market, driving the progress of sustainable agriculture practices.

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The latest on GreenLight Bio’s work and partnerships, and what the world has been saying about us.

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