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Our Plant Health pipeline stretches from protecting honeybees to fresh produce and large-scale crops, a $10 billion addressable market
We have an expanding Human Health pipeline. Our design and manufacturing capabilities enable development of vaccines and therapies.

Plant and Animal Health

Sustainable food production through RNA solutions

We must grow more food with the same amount of land even as we honor the global desire—and increasing technical need—to replace chemical pesticides. While these pesticides face increasing consumer opposition and threat of outright bans due to environmental damage, many are losing their effectiveness.

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Messenger RNA for human health

Messenger RNA’s features make it broadly valuable for human health. It is well known that mRNA is being used to make effective Covid-19 vaccines that have been developed quickly—critical for pandemic response. GreenLight is working on multiple vaccine and therapeutic uses of mRNA.

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Our platform creates high-quality, affordable RNA at scale

GreenLight is the first company to make many forms of RNA available at scale using a differentiated manufacturing platform. Our expertise and breakthrough technology—GreenLight’s bioprocessing engine—allows us to quickly and cost-effectively bring RNA products to market.

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The latest on GreenLight’s work and partnerships, and what the world has been saying about us.

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