The world is in peril and aching for solutions

We are united by sustainability

Environmental and social impact is inherent to our purpose and the underlying reason our company was launched. We were founded to develop sustainable solutions for the biggest issues facing humanity and the planet. GreenLight scientists are developing new solutions for public health challenges and sustainable food production to feed a growing population. We believe our environmental, social, and governance strategy is fundamental to achieving our mission and underscores everything we do at GreenLight.

There is a need to take immediate action to address the environmental crisis that is forcing the reconsideration of how products are made, from our homes to our food, to our clothing. Many modern approaches to produce food and drugs to keep the growing population healthy have had a negative effect on the health of the planet. Clear cutting forests for cattle, chemical residues on food, in the water and in the soil, nitrogen blooms in rivers, declining soil productivity, the loss of bees and other beneficial insects—these are all clear signs that the current system is not sustainable.

The world is running out of arable soil. For years, farmers have used effective petroleum-based chemical pesticides in the form of neonicotinoids, pyrethroids, carbamates, and organophosphates. Over time, these non-targeted products can have unintended negative consequences, including damage to beneficial insects and plants, and they can linger in the environment for years, eroding soil quality and polluting water resources.

Using RNA, we can create targeted biocontrols for agriculture. Biology also offers a fundamental shift in how things are made and disposed of in a world where things grow and decay, creating circular, regenerative processes. Our goal is to have products that can help the environment, not harm it. GreenLight’s RNA is produced from natural materials using a clean enzymatic process with very little waste or harmful emissions, and after application our RNA product candidates disappear in a few days.

We aim to provide farmers with safe-to-use, cost-effective, targeted biocontrols that stop pests while protecting crops, honeybees, and land before and after harvest. If we help farmers create greener, cleaner crops, they can provide consumers with the greener, cleaner foods they demand. Additionally, we also intend to provide farmers with safer products to handle, while helping farming families promote more sustainable land for future generations.

Values and biases can be embedded in the technologies that are made, in the applications that are considered, and in the ways problems are addressed. Inclusion of those who have historically been left out of the development of new technologies is essential to building equitable and positive outcomes. GreenLight was born from a passion to make our world more sustainable and more equitable. Our vision is to enable Africa, Asia, and Latin America to meet local demand through local production. Our novel RNA manufacturing process—quick to start, built for scale, and using small bioreactors—may be part of the solution.

An ecosystem thrives with more diversity, and the inclusion of many different voices is essential to growing our company. Team members are empowered to bring their best ideas forward, and leaders are always open to listen and act. We challenge one another to discover breakthroughs that advance our science to deliver on a common cause: sustaining the planet, protecting our food, saving lives. With equity, diversity, and inclusion principles as the foundation, we are relentlessly focused on cultivating a team with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We are always thinking about how we can better serve our colleagues of different genders, ethnicities, generations, educational achievement, sexual orientation, and workstyles. These values and initiatives are not just a top-down corporate statement; they are an intrinsic part of our culture.