Transforming health for everyone

Messenger RNA’s features make it useful for human health – it was a key part of why vaccines against Covid-19. Our approach to designing and developing therapies based on messenger RNA has already unlocked a pipeline of life-saving treatments and vaccines.

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Plants protected precisely

Our approach to RNA has already unlocked a pipeline of products that protect agricultural crops from pests. This is vital because of the growing demand for food from a growing population, while many traditional pesticides are losing their effectiveness, or being banned.

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Protecting nature by working with nature

Our products leave no measurable residue, meaning greater protection for ecosystems and biodiversity. It’s part of how we approach our work, doing the right thing when it comes to meeting our responsibilities to the environment, and wider society.

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RNA at scale

Only GreenLight has the platforms to discover, develop and make RNA in quantities and at speeds that will change the world.

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News and insights

The latest on GreenLight Bio’s work and partnerships, and what the world has been saying about us.

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