Mark Singleton, Ph.D

Chief Commercial Officer & General Manager, Plant Health
Mark joined GreenLight with a number of R&D leadership roles and a solid track record for improving and optimizing product and project portfolios.

He led UPL’s transformation in the New Technology space using Platforms selected from many worldwide VC-funded companies.

While overseeing the building of the OpenAg Center in RTP and assembling a world class team of scientists, he came to know about GreenLight’s mission, which naturally falls in line with Mark’s experience and values. At Arysta LifeScience he was appointed as the first ever VP of R&D and Regulatory and oversaw a multi-year program that increased the value of the R&D portfolio five-fold and doubled the contribution of BioSolutions. In doing so, he created more than $2 billion of pipeline value. He also had the opportunity to become Chemtura’s Head of R&D for North America and then became the Global Head of R&D and Regulatory.

The first half of Mark’s 25-year career was spent discovering and developing new products and trying wherever possible to leverage biological solutions or smart delivery systems to minimize chemical usage. Mark has had a wide range of experiences in both agricultural R&D and crop protection.